Stretching - From Our Friends at Calm
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We can never say enough about the meditation app, Calm. Its’ Daily Calm, an every day, 10 minute meditation ending with a brief, subtle yet immeasurable life practice is changing the lives of thousands, for the better. Today’s mediation on stretching out the present moment was one we thought prevalent and notable enough to share.

“Today, I’d like to go back to basics and explore one of the primary goals of meditation, awareness. In our every day life, our mind is constantly shifting between the present, past and future. We ruminate on events of the past or get fixated on contemplations of the future. All the while overlooking what’s right in front of us. In fact it’s usually only for short periods of time that we’re able to remain right here in the present moment. That’s where meditation becomes so valuable. As we meditate we’re exercising our muscles of awareness so we can expand our present moment awareness in every day life. At first, this might mean being present for only a few seconds at a time. But with practice, we stretch out these moments of awareness just as in meditation we sustain our concentration on the breath.

So, as a take away today, look for opportunities to exercise that muscle of present moment awareness. When your mind starts to wander into day dreams while working on a project, see if you can stretch out the amount of time you can stay focused on work. While watching a sunset, challenge yourself to stay present as long as you can before you start to worry about what’s for dinner. Bit by bit as you learn to stretch out presence and focus you’ll find more fulfillment in the experience of life. “

Narrated by Tamara Levitt of Calm

Think Pink October

In 2004, my beauty Momma Susie Crowe was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy. It turned our world upside down and left my Momma in a place no woman should ever have to experience. Saying my Mother is one of the strongest women I know doesn’t give justice to the battle she fought, the strength she had to procure, and the inevitable loss of her breasts to the devil of cancer itself. We’re grateful every day to her doctors and team of support through the treatments, operations and thereafter it didn’t take her life. Her positivity and buoyant attitude was infectious through out. While the process itself was a devastating one, she never once let it take over her spirit. For her double mastectomy, she wore 5 inch, leopard heels with crystal heart accents. As a natural blond, she wore a bright red wig much like Sharon Osbourne’s hair. She would also at any point, any where, let anyone try her wig on. So much was taken from her, yet what she gave through it all was immeasurable in comparison.

A year after her mastectomy and radiation, Susie was eligible for reconstructive surgery. She explains in a video that can be watched here why it was important for her and for other women to have access and the resources necessary for reconstructive surgery.

For the remainder of October (we know we’re a little late to the Pink Party), The Habitat will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our Think Pink Collection to the AiRs Foundation which provide women in need the financial resources to opt for reconstructive surgery. Check in on more of Susie’s story in our video with her and check out with some pink in your cart and heart to help give women back what is painstakingly taken from them.

By Heather Crowe

The King and His Court

Tons of people who have little connection to Los Angeles are Lakers fans for one reason alone: The Lakers have won a lot of championships, and this type of cult following occurs with many other sports. Take the Patriots for example. Another phenomenon that seems to be more common in basketball than it is in most other team sports is individual players that have their own traveling fan bases. For the past 14 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness one of the top 3 greatest players of all time. Luckily for me, he’s spent 10 of those 14 seasons with my hometown Cleveland Cavaliers. His time there includes bringing the city it’s first championship.When Lebron decided to “take his talents to South Beach” in 2010-2014 to play for the Miami Heat, I still wanted my Cavs to win it all (although odds were slim to none), but I rooted for him as if he were still playing for the home team. Lots of people do the same, or even skip the whole “rooting for a non-LeBron team” part entirely. And since LeBron James’ stan nation is basketball’s peak example of the personal entourage fan base, we now get the tantalizing spectacle of two huge bandwagons not only colliding, but collaborating. With that being said, Go Lakers, but more importantly go Lebron!

By Evan Jackson

Heather Crowe

At The Habitat we like to surround ourselves with images, sound, art and energies that only help illuminate growth and positivity in our environment. The Habitat walls are adorned with images of our musical and athletic heroes as well as one of a kind pieces of artwork that reflects our diverse make up. MKE based artist and my beautiful friend Britt Musial has been what you would call The Habitat’s resident artist when it comes to anything involving color and metal. From MN to LAX pieces to an epic flower photo taking backdrop, Britt’s work elevates the energy of our space and aligns itself with the “made with love and passion” motto we apply to our “grown with love and passion” motto.

Continuous experimentation with mixed metals, wood, patinas, inks, and acrylics has brought Musial into an art bracket all of her own. Honing in on personal favorites such as skylines, sports teams, famous landmarks, and musicians, Musial has taken the standard photo to the next level giving it depth, quality, and a perspective and technique only her hands can create.

We are stoked for what she has in store next for the Habitat; currently working on custom etched metal pendants with the Habitat’s icon for our line of 5 panel hats. You can see more of her work at (or IG @bkmusial) and even commission your own custom piece to elevate your space. Today also just so happens to be her 30th birthday. Happiest of birthdays to you my Brittle Bumpkin Bear and thank you for all that you do for The Habitat.

By Heather Crowe


During a recent trip back home to MN, I got together with my dear old friend Mark Peterson to talk hot sauce, one of my favorite things in the world. Now that my diet is plant-based, I use hot sauce more than ever, even while brushing my teeth. That’s a joke but, it will give you a pretty decent idea of how much I love hot sauce.

Mark’s story goes back to about 15 years ago when his Uncle Chris handed him his heirloom recipe for an already infamous hot sauce, which I so aptly named, Mark’s Assfire. Since the passing down of the recipe, Mark would bring me fresh test batches of hot sauce using Uncle Chris’ recipe with his own little twist and I would destroy them and ask for more immediately. The batches were very small and each one was slightly different for testing purposes but all were amazing. This went on for years and years until last year when Mark decided to start his own business to what is now known as Facepunch Foods, “makers of the best and most flavorful hot sauce in the world!” Haha I made that tag line up but its true! Facepunch foods and their owner Mark embody everything I strive for in my own small business today: pride, craftsmanship, honesty, integrity, trust, love and passion which can be found in every bottle, blog and instagram post you will see outta this crazy character who I’m honored to call a friend.  His approach to business is very positive and like me, is a big fan of Gary V and his proven genius in building business. Mark has taken a simple approach and currently rents a kitchen weekly to produce his fresh small batch hot sauce. He sources all of his peppers locally in Minnesota. The hot sauce contains no crap in it like Xanthum gum and high fructose corn syrup. Its just good ole wholesome ingredients and to me thats what makes it so good because its honest. It comes in 4 flavors currently and I don’t really have a favorite because they are are so different in flavor profile, yet, at the same time maintaining just the right amount of heat or ass fire, as I like to call it. I’ve had some great chats with Mark about what the future holds for Facepunch and it’s pretty fucking rad. At some point look for a THC hot sauce colab as well as some experimental peppers that will be grown at the habitat. Until then grab a bottle of your favorite heat with a special code for Habitat friends. Take $5 off your order of $25 or more by entering the promo code HABITAT at checkout. Shop here > Facepunch Foods

By Bryan Berc

Heather Crowe

Family man, kick ass drummer and friend of mine Jose Pasillas recently launched his first lifestyle branded clothing line featuring his own custom type face and art work. The clothing is about comfort and quality and it's what you can usually find me wearing every day at The Habitat. The t-shirt's fit perfect and the Camper Hat keeps the locks out of my face. His designs and artistic abilities translate really well to his clothing and accessories and his products and lifestyle are easy to support and get behind. Check out his collection here.

By Bryan Berc

Heather Crowe
Home Made Veggie Broth - From Thug Kitchen

Joining the "no waste" movement proved to be a personal memory challenge in the early stages. It was an uphill battle putting scraps in the make shift compost bin I keep under the kitchen sink rather than just grinding them down the disposal. Eventually habit formed and I now have a utilized, successful compost system in my daily routine.

Having gone plant based about 10 months ago, the first plant based cook book suggested to me by EVERYONE, was Thug Kitchen. About ten recipes completed, and repeat recipes weekly, I can't boast and share enough about their home made veggie broth. What I love about this is it creates one more use of your veggie scraps that truly delve out the most intense flavors before it's final compost time.

How to:

SAVE VEGGIE SCRAPS such as carrot, onion, mushroom, pepper butts, garlic and shallot skins, veggie shavings, etc...





ADD SALT (I used the delicious and herbie Butcher Salt) AND PEPPER AND BAY LEAVES IF YOU HAVE THEM







Poker Night Benefiting the Folded Flag Foundation

We will be joining our best bud Matt Stout for a night of poker, fun and charity benefiting the Folded Flag Foundation. The Above the Fold tournament will be held in the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood. The $400 tournament with $200 rebuys begins at 1 p.m. and Daniel Negreanu will serve as host and emcee. The Habitat team will be playing in the poker tournament and handing out our Peace Jars through out the evening. We'd love to see some friendly faces there to support a great cause. Tickets can be purchased through the Folded Flag website, here

Heather Crowe
The Milky Way Chasers

From our favorite Instagram account @milkywaychasers, lie the intimate stories behind the incredible images captured at some of the most remote, romantic and star gazing dream locations in the world - Milky Way Chasers

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Heather Crowe
Jim James Live Show at Amoeba Records

Amoeba Hollywood

January 18th, 6 PM

Our favorite front man of one of our favorite bands My Morning Jacket, will be performing live at Amoeba tonight after the release of his most recent album Tribute to 2. An eclectic mix of soul and love covers from a wide variety of artists like Willy Nelson and Sonny & Cher, it is sure to be an intimate performance of love and musical elevation. To pick up your tickets, purchase Jim Jame's album at Amoeba and have it signed by the artist after the show.

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Heather Crowe
Foria - Working for Pleasure and PMS

Foria just announced they are teaming up with a Harvard Physician to study PMS + Cannabis. With the vastness of the marijuana research and industry and its ever evolving positive conclusions - it’s a no brainer they would move from increased pleasure to decreased pms.


Heather Crowe
Add Your Name to the Marijuana Justice Act

Senator Cory Booker is fighting the fight we all need to back and support. Add your name to the Marijuana Justice Act that if passed, "...would have an immediate impact on our criminal justice system, policing, our communities, and even the economy. This legislation would remove marijuana from the list of controlled substances, making it legal at the federal level."

Add your name here.


Let the Line Up's Roll Out...
Heather Crowe
Our Favorite Medicated Rub for Muscles, Joints and Skin

From Cannariginals, their Black Medicated Emu Rub is hands down our favorite and most affective working pain relief rub on the market. From Cannariginals, "EMU 420 Essentials Black Medicated Rub, the first choice for the discerning patient who demands the ultimate therapeutic benefits. Our most powerful topical compound employs a unique blend of essential oils and 120 mg of the highest quality CBD available, these compounds are also rich in essential fattyacids, long considered the building blocks of life. The powerful synergy that occurs when these active components are infused is now available to you. Allow our base of pure Emu Oil, a powerful transdermal carrier to deliver the fast and long lasting relief you seek."

Heather Crowe
Helping Dogs to Help Dogs

We recently teamed up with Charlie Bax to engrave our very own custom, H.I.T. Habitat elk antlers for dogs. Elk antlers are cruelty free as they are shed naturally by elk and collected by hand. They are fully digestible and leave no odor and no mess. We are happy to announce 100% of the proceeds of the H.I.T. Habitat elk antlers will be donated to our friends at Animal Hope and Wellness.

Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation is a"...501(c)3 non-profit organization that is focused solely on rescuing abused and neglected animals, providing full rehabilitation services and, ultimately, working to help find them their fur-ever families." Check out our shop and pick one up for your best friend and help save lives!

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