Think Pink October

In 2004, my beauty Momma Susie Crowe was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a double mastectomy. It turned our world upside down and left my Momma in a place no woman should ever have to experience. Saying my Mother is one of the strongest women I know doesn’t give justice to the battle she fought, the strength she had to procure, and the inevitable loss of her breasts to the devil of cancer itself. We’re grateful every day to her doctors and team of support through the treatments, operations and thereafter it didn’t take her life. Her positivity and buoyant attitude was infectious through out. While the process itself was a devastating one, she never once let it take over her spirit. For her double mastectomy, she wore 5 inch, leopard heels with crystal heart accents. As a natural blond, she wore a bright red wig much like Sharon Osbourne’s hair. She would also at any point, any where, let anyone try her wig on. So much was taken from her, yet what she gave through it all was immeasurable in comparison.

A year after her mastectomy and radiation, Susie was eligible for reconstructive surgery. She explains in a video that can be watched here why it was important for her and for other women to have access and the resources necessary for reconstructive surgery.

For the remainder of October (we know we’re a little late to the Pink Party), The Habitat will be donating 100% of the proceeds from our Think Pink Collection to the AiRs Foundation which provide women in need the financial resources to opt for reconstructive surgery. Check in on more of Susie’s story in our video with her and check out with some pink in your cart and heart to help give women back what is painstakingly taken from them.

By Heather Crowe