Stretching - From Our Friends at Calm

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We can never say enough about the meditation app, Calm. Its’ Daily Calm, an every day, 10 minute meditation ending with a brief, subtle yet immeasurable life practice is changing the lives of thousands, for the better. Today’s mediation on stretching out the present moment was one we thought prevalent and notable enough to share.

“Today, I’d like to go back to basics and explore one of the primary goals of meditation, awareness. In our every day life, our mind is constantly shifting between the present, past and future. We ruminate on events of the past or get fixated on contemplations of the future. All the while overlooking what’s right in front of us. In fact it’s usually only for short periods of time that we’re able to remain right here in the present moment. That’s where meditation becomes so valuable. As we meditate we’re exercising our muscles of awareness so we can expand our present moment awareness in every day life. At first, this might mean being present for only a few seconds at a time. But with practice, we stretch out these moments of awareness just as in meditation we sustain our concentration on the breath.

So, as a take away today, look for opportunities to exercise that muscle of present moment awareness. When your mind starts to wander into day dreams while working on a project, see if you can stretch out the amount of time you can stay focused on work. While watching a sunset, challenge yourself to stay present as long as you can before you start to worry about what’s for dinner. Bit by bit as you learn to stretch out presence and focus you’ll find more fulfillment in the experience of life. “

Narrated by Tamara Levitt of Calm