During a recent trip back home to MN, I got together with my dear old friend Mark Peterson to talk hot sauce, one of my favorite things in the world. Now that my diet is plant-based, I use hot sauce more than ever, even while brushing my teeth. That’s a joke but, it will give you a pretty decent idea of how much I love hot sauce.

Mark’s story goes back to about 15 years ago when his Uncle Chris handed him his heirloom recipe for an already infamous hot sauce, which I so aptly named, Mark’s Assfire. Since the passing down of the recipe, Mark would bring me fresh test batches of hot sauce using Uncle Chris’ recipe with his own little twist and I would destroy them and ask for more immediately. The batches were very small and each one was slightly different for testing purposes but all were amazing. This went on for years and years until last year when Mark decided to start his own business to what is now known as Facepunch Foods, “makers of the best and most flavorful hot sauce in the world!” Haha I made that tag line up but its true! Facepunch foods and their owner Mark embody everything I strive for in my own small business today: pride, craftsmanship, honesty, integrity, trust, love and passion which can be found in every bottle, blog and instagram post you will see outta this crazy character who I’m honored to call a friend.  His approach to business is very positive and like me, is a big fan of Gary V and his proven genius in building business. Mark has taken a simple approach and currently rents a kitchen weekly to produce his fresh small batch hot sauce. He sources all of his peppers locally in Minnesota. The hot sauce contains no crap in it like Xanthum gum and high fructose corn syrup. Its just good ole wholesome ingredients and to me thats what makes it so good because its honest. It comes in 4 flavors currently and I don’t really have a favorite because they are are so different in flavor profile, yet, at the same time maintaining just the right amount of heat or ass fire, as I like to call it. I’ve had some great chats with Mark about what the future holds for Facepunch and it’s pretty fucking rad. At some point look for a THC hot sauce colab as well as some experimental peppers that will be grown at the habitat. Until then grab a bottle of your favorite heat with a special code for Habitat friends. Take $5 off your order of $25 or more by entering the promo code HABITAT at checkout. Shop here > Facepunch Foods

By Bryan Berc

Heather Crowe