The H.I.T. Habitat Engraved Elk Antler for Dogs

The H.I.T. Habitat Engraved Elk Antler for Dogs

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Rescued by HIT Living Elk Antler

100% of the proceeds of the “Rescued by HIT Living” elk antlers will go directly to the HIT Living Foundation fund so we can further assist at risk animals and help them find their furever homes.

At The HIT Living Foundation, we believe choosing to live a life of honesty, integrity and trust creates an elevated sense of living. By instilling those values in your every day decision making, to life changing decisions, you are contributing to the kindness ripple effect (…starts as a single act, but then spreads outward affecting many more) that is helping make this world a better place. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” said Gandhi, and by rescuing, spay and neutering your animals and not buying into breeding, your natural desire to live a lifestyle of honesty, integrity and trust, is a beautiful and much needed change this world needs to undergo. You should be proud to see your pup chewing on one of our cruelty free, fully digestible, no odor/no mess, Barkworthies Select elk antlers knowing they are alive, happy and healthy thanks to your personal choice of HIT Living.

Elk Antler Split

Small     |  4-5"    | 10-20lb Dogs       |  $25.00
Large |  6-7”    |  40-70 lb Dogs    |  $32.00
X-Large |  8-9”   |  70 - 120 lb Dogs | $44.00

ABOUT Barkworthies Elk Antler Chews & Their BENEFITS
- Shed naturally
- Fully digestible
- No Odor. No Mess
- Humanely sourced from wild roaming elk in the Rockies
- Contains essential nutrients such as zinc, calcium, manganese and iron
- Additive free, chemical free and preservative free
- Provides dental benefits for dogs like massaging the gums and
removing tartar and plaque

- Can last hours or weeks, depends on how aggressive of a chewer your pup is

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