The H.I.T. Habitat Peace Initiative

Our mission is to work and live our lives based on the ethics honesty, integrity and trust while keeping peace in our minds and love in our hearts. It’s something we strive for every day and when we see those same qualities shine through others, complete strangers for that matter, we can’t help but notice the positive change we're wishing to see in the world.

For the rest of the year, in the state of California, we will be handing out H.I.T. Habitat Peace Jars full of our small batch, boutique flower to citizens who we see demonstrating honesty, integrity, trust, peace and love. It is important now more than ever to show each other the simple acts of kindness, and here at the Habitat, we are going to take note of that. Keep love in your eye sight, because you never know if you will you get HIT by the Habitat.

See the full interview on The H.I.T. Habitat's Peace Initiative with our founder Bryan, below.